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  • Shaynee Michelle
    a month ago
    Very professional Dentist and staff. They make you feel comfortable and have alot of knowledge. Thanks Ferrari, I'll be back.
  • Sarah Eastwood
    5 months ago
    I can not speak highly enough ofthis dental practice. As a fibromyalgia sufferer I was terrified as I needed a comprehensive clean with local anasthetic. The team were highly proffessional and very kind to me. They explained everything before they did it so I got no suprizes and they were highly compasionate to the fact that I was scared and had to stop them a couple of times due to my condition and pain sensetivity. I just really can not express how amazing this practice really is. Even down to their front desk staff who are really friendly. Thouroughly recomend.
  • Gearoid
    7 months ago
    I've been attending this clinic for 10 years + and until the last couple of years have found it quite satisfactory. However since the introduction of the dental hygienists the service has declined to the point where I’ve discontinued using them for my health’s sake.
  • Bernhard Henger
    10 months ago
    This is Anna Henger, Bernhard's wife posting under his google account! Ferrari dental clinic's staff are amazing, very caring and professional. I have been going there for at least 15 years and trust them completely with my dental care.
  • Mariette Chan
    a year ago
    This is one appointment for which I never have to wait more than a couple of minutes, which makes a refreshing change! Reception staff are friendly and efficient. The hygienist, dental nurses and dentist work well together and are also friendly and interested in their patients. I have always been happy with Mark Ferrari's care and count myself lucky to have found this caring professional.

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