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We are proud to introduce Enwon. We have a great team and are passionate

about what we do. With over 50 years of experience, we continue to provide

accredited Civil engineering, construction, maintenance and design solutions.

- Enwon carries every standard Kerb profile required in NSW, as well as

over 200 different variants. We fabricate our own profiles from modified standard profiles to

ensure purpose built, unusual designs. There are far too many to display here, however you

should like to see them please contact us and we'll send you our range.

- Being a small, family run company, Enwon understands that your new

driveway is the entrance to your new home. The first thing you see when you get home from

a busy day at work and the last thing you see as you head off again. That is why we take pride in making sure we create the entrance your new home deserves.

- We ensure that we maintain all existing parking and pedestrian

facilities whilst carrying out construction and all work is completed at night to minimise the

impact of construction work on the general public and your tenants.

- These old roads can, and do fail over time, making them unsafe and

unpleasant to drive on. When Enwon constructs new asphalt roads they are 3rd party quality

assured and they are there for good. Our quality is set in the concrete and asphalt

pavements that the general public drive on every day.

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  • Max Hodge
    10 months ago
    Excellent service and always prompt. Thank You Enwon Australia Pty Ltd

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