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Welcome to Electrotraders. We are a trusted supplier of the best quality local and electrical products. We specialise in caravan, RV, trailer and motorhome electrical accessories. From caravan power inlet to electrical switch boxes, we stock a wide range of products. We also manufacture a wide range of 3 Phase Extension Leads. Assembled by licenced electricians, our products are made with quality Australian approved components. Whether you are looking for new, old or surplus stock, we are the suppliers for you. Additionally, we also offer free shipping Australia wide on order above $50. Visit our website to view our complete product range.

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  • Annette Beckett
    3 months ago
    While upgrading our caravan we wanted something different and John Fowler at Electrotraders was fantastic in supplying the information and products we required in regard to the special types of electrical switches and plugs. We will definitely use and recommend him again.
  • Michael Wagstaff
    7 months ago
    I had a particularly tricky 3 phase problem to solve. I needed to run power 135 m above ground and distribute to multiple locations for an event. I had emailed and rung numerous retailers and no one wanted to help me. John however took the time to do the maths and he built me a customised quality soliton and it was economical. Highly recommend this business. Thank you Electrotraders!
  • FirstName LastName
    12 months ago
    paypal system issue stuffed the order but Electrotraders saved the day, fixed everything, had it shipped quickly.. will definitely shop here again.. very good service.
  • Doug Skinner
    3 years ago
    Great service! Has a huge range of quality parts at really good prices. Very friendly and helpful. Definitely give them a call before heading to your local electrical wholesaler.
  • Glen
    3 years ago
    Excellent product at one fifth the price at a well known electrical wholesalers.

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