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At Electric Bike Superstore we only stock quality e-bikes and electric bike conversion kits that has been thoroughly tested to meet Australian standards and road conditions.When you buy an electric bike from Electric Bikes Superstore, rest assured you are in good hands. All our staffs are passionate and knowledgeable about electric bikes. From the day you become a proud owner of an electric bike from electric bikes superstore, you can be confident that we are here to look after you and you e-bike and can be contacted should you have any questions about your e-bike.Our 6 star service promises to deliver top notch customer services from initial inquiry, to tailoring the right e-bike that meets your needs, to all after sales services. Given you peace of mind and confidence from first contact.There are so many ebike motor configuration out there to suit different riders. We recommend you try before you buy.

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  • Mark H
    2 weeks ago
    Very friendly and helpful staff. Interesting range of e-bikes. Service is good as well - they fixed my bike after I added an after market part and made a mess of it
  • Willem Groenewald
    2 months ago
    I got my old electric bike serviced here, and it looks and feels like new now. I thought my bike possibly had to go to the dumpster before they resurrected it. I kinda feel guilty because they didn't even charge me much.
  • Jason Jurgens
    3 months ago
    Went in with my wife to buy an electric bicycle for her. Was just before Christmas so expected it to be busy and it was not really but only one person to handle customers during this period was a surprise. Gordon was quite helpful and it was quite fun to test all the models. Ended up making a purchase. Bike was supposed to be ready when we came and collected (they had called and said for us to come in) but they only started working on it when we got there and making adjustments, so ended up spending over an hour. Not even the paperwork was prepared. After a couple of days bike started switching off as the battery was partially unclipping. Now still waiting for spare parts and they have provided a velcro strap which I ended up collecting as they hadn't posted us one, as promised. So, we have a $2000 plus bicycle, that is being temporarily kept working with a Velcro strap whilst we wait for spare parts. Buyers remorse - you betcha!
  • Christopher Burson
    6 months ago
    Saw the YouTube channel and loved the reviews. Came in to see the antebike for my old man. Came in, was riding the bike within 5 mins. You need to try them before you should make a decision on if they are for you. I was really surprised with how much they help. Step through bikes with fat tyres and bright loud colours is basically how I'd describe my dad so seems perfect. With bad knees and hips he needs a fat seat and step through access. If you're a mad motocross rider or rock jumper they have bikes there for you too. One thing in there looks like the batmobile. I'm sure it has jet rockets on there somewhere. Might come back for that another time. If scooters are more you style, they have an abundance of them too. These guys specialise in electric bikes. Not a bicycle store that got one or two electric bikes and are trying to push one of them on to you. Great service and looking forward to the new antebike coming since the others were all sold out! That should tell you something about their bikes.
  • bigshotdigital .
    a year ago
    Great Value. Grouse Bikes now an e-bike convert... my new favourite Toy. What a hoot to ride, have ridden every day since I got it. Awesome

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