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Established in 2009, Ekodeck is an Australian-owned company with over 60 years' experience in the and building industry. We manufacture and supply composite outdoor living products specially designed for Australia's harsh climate.

We provide sustainable and durable alternatives to and screening to thousands of homes and businesses all over Australia.

Ekodeck is a composite material made from reclaimed and recycled timber and plastic. It looks and feels like natural timber but does not require oiling or painting and is naturally weather resistant. Ekodeck products are also termite, rot and mould resistant.

Hardwearing and durable, our products are family safe and come with the peace of mind and convenience of being available exclusively through Bunnings nation-wide.

We pride ourselves on providing an that delivers architecturally inspired looks with unrivalled durability.

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  • Celine Cheng
    4 months ago
    Recently laid Ekodeck Plus and even though I still have to clean it when I have a BBQ, I don't have to maintain it. Every outdoor product stains but at least I don't have to be out there staining it several times a year. I always receive compliments on my deck and I absolutely love it. What Ekodeck stands for is also a bonus because the boards are made up from recycled materials which is a huge thing for our family.
  • Lawrence
    8 months ago
    Ecodeck is fantastic. Goes on fast. No maintenance, super tough and good looking. I'd recommend it to anyone.
  • Brook James
    8 months ago
    I love this product, we used it on our rear deck at our new home here in Brunswick. Very easy to instal! We were amazed with how much it looks like timber, you would never know. Maintenance is a breeze too, forget staining decks! A simple high pressure hose and it's good to go. Very happy customers.
  • Teuta Kastrati
    8 months ago
    We recently purchased and installed the Designer Series by Ekodeck from Bunnings after receiving recommendations from some close friends, and we love it. It looks like natural timber, and it is so easy to clean as we just quickly hose it off! Thank you for this great product.
  • Ekologix Marketing
    8 months ago
    Ekodeck is a great product which has been around for years - a very high quality product with excellent service and longevity. Durable and hard wearing - highly recommended! Fantastic composite decking which is far better than timber.

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