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Dynamite Films is a leading Sydney video production company, specializing in corporate film services, corporate film production, video business card, and Corporate Video Sydney. We develop concepts that transform brands, grow businesses, and make people's lives better.

Dynamite Films provide the best in a class call to action video business card. We build profiles and drive sales with powerful ideas. Our video maker is creative and passionate. We have a professional work ethic and a solid reputation. Our skill and experience mean you get the best advice, support, and talent in every video production.

Video business card makes a much stronger impact, and they help to companies and people in business become more memorable. The video business card is a 60- 90-second long video that gives people who are interested in your services more information about you and your business.

Get a professional service of video production in Sydney. we have a passionate and creative team of video maker and we are the best Sydney video production company. Some of our video for marketing is for Hospitality and Retail, Professional Services, Industrial brand, product brands, Community and government brand videos to mention a few. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their brand video is consistent with their brand messaging.

A two to three-minute video for marketing made by a professional video maker can connect and communicate the energy and achievements demonstrates the success of the event which is great for Brand awareness, Client retention, raising your industry profile, and client retention. Our experience and expertise make us the ideal team to cover your next video for marketing events. Videos are useful in quickly and efficiently communicating and also for conveying complex information briefly and effectively.

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  • Davies Chocolates
    3 weeks ago
    Andrew has been working with us to promote our company as part of the BNI Catalyst Chapter. His professional approach makes it easy. The creative flair that he has brought to the job is perfect for showcasing our chocolate factory and products. Look for our videos soon to see the results for yourself.
  • Danny C
    3 weeks ago
    I worked with Andrew & Dynamite films to create a product awareness video for my business. Andrew understood what I was trying to achieve and made some great suggestions for the video. I am very happy with the result and will be coming back to have Andrew make more videos in the future.
  • Stacy Farrell
    3 weeks ago
    I have worked with Andrew and Dynamite Films on many video projects (both mine and my clients) and have found him to be absolutely fantastic to work with. His knowledge, professionalism and understanding of having a strategic approach to video content is spot on. He comes highly recommended!
  • Greg Dobrin
    3 weeks ago
    Andrew is a responsive, dedicated and engaging professional. As an actor who has made the move behind the camera he is able to put his subject at ease incredibly quickly and knows and understands what the camera wants from his subject. Using Andrew makes perfect sense.
  • Jimbo Jones
    a month ago
    Unfortunately we come across Andrew Langcake from Dynamite Films during the research phase of our corporate video. To say we are disappointed with his offerings would be a massive understatement. His demonstrations lack the creativity he describes and the "packages" he offers on his website are inflated at best and definitely at the high end of the market. We would not recommend this company based on the complete lack of professionalism; the "our team" page on the website is not even finished (we suspect because he is the only team member). Keep looking, there are far more qualified and professional companies available that have more appropriate cost structures.

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