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Being an Australian company established in 1968, we at Dove Camper Conversions specialise in building multi-purpose vehicles, which are campervans and motorhomes. We are still improving the quality of our services being backed by the adept mechanics, who use modern fixtures and current technology that provide most of your vehicle. We are into campervan, motorhome, food truck and van conversions in Perththat can give you more out of your recreational vehicle.

When you look Campervans and Motorhomes for Sale Perth, we come up as one of the campervan and motorhome sellers in Perth for 50 years. With practical designs and keeping up-to-date specifications in mind, we offer that can handle Australia's harsh climates. Eventually, you will get safe holiday escape away from the hustle bustle of the busy life.

We are the biggest selling campervan and motorhome Conversion Company that gives its customers the best buying outcome backed by quality workmanship and genuine service.

All you have to do is choose the vehicle you want to build and a list of services we offer to get most of the vehicle-

· Campervan conversion in Perth

· Motorhome conversions in Perth

· Experts in designs

· We use only the best components

· Higher standards

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  • Paul Van der Veen
    in the last week
  • brad o'farrell
    7 months ago
  • Belinda Bonnici
    8 months ago
    I recently had rooftop air conditioning installed at Dove Camper Conversions. I found Josh to be a very good communicator. Any issues I had might have been annoying to him because they are so incredibly busy. But nothing was too annoying for Josh. He whole heartedly helped me with every problem. He took the time even though he was super busy. I find Josh so approachable and helpful, that I am going to get a quote from him to do something else. Josh is the man to speak with if you need a caring, helpful person with great communication skills. Their quotes are also reasonable.
    These guys are amazing. We drove by with our newly bought campervan before starting our road trip 1,5 years ago... and they had a look at the van, gave us tips and showed us what did what, and they didn't even charge us. Top guys, they are truly passionate at what they do.

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