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Once you've tasted biltong, there's no going back to any old jerky. More than just a convenient snack, this traditional South African treat is a flavour-packed bundle of goodness that can be eaten on the go or enjoyed over drinks with friends. If you're after Australia's best Biltong, Jerky, Droewors, Boerewors, Burgers, and Snap Sticks, DJays has you covered. Visit us at www.djaysgourmet.com.au where you can see the full range and even pick up a sample pack.

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  • Luke Percival
    a week ago
    Always enjoy D.Jays Peppered dry biltong, came across it at a servo in Melbourne one time and loved it, since then we have bought a total of 4kg direct from the website and will buy more!
  • Dylan Sommerville
    a month ago
    Hands down the best Biltong and Beef Jerky I've ever had. These guys are clear winners in my book. Prices are very reasonable and delivery was super fast. A+++
  • Delhorde
    5 months ago
    This is the best jerky I have ever had in my whole life and it's always my go to gift when anyone asks what I want for my bday/xmas.
  • Oliver Webb
    11 months ago
    Simply the very best Biltong in Perth. High quality meats used, friendly staff and 1st class service.
  • Andrea .mulinari
    2 years ago
    The best beef jerky I have ever eaten!! And good price by kg compared to shops

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