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If you are looking for a gym and interested in working towards your fitness goals together, contact our personal gym trainers in Melbourne or Sunshine Coast and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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  • Jhon Snowboard
    4 weeks ago
    Came just to lose some kgs, became an athlete, a better husband, a good human being... And lost that fat!
  • Sam Dawson
    4 months ago
    Davey Black is an upbeat, supportive and respectful training environment. The coaches are experts, the team are friendly, and I’m seeing good results. Davey Black has everything; there are run, bike, swim, strength and conditioning and yoga sessions. Each training session automatically syncs to your watch and uploads to the coaches afterwards. The coaches monitor your performance and they design each session to help you improve your skills and achieve your race/training goals. Being monitored is the biggest motivator, and receiving feedback helps to improve technique and speed. The coaches are generous with their time, and happy to answer questions. If you're thinking of joining - do it! I've noticed a massive improvement in my strength and performance since I started training with Davey Black.
  • Cheryl Swann
    5 months ago
    A great club with passionate and experienced coaches who offer a flexible and personalised approach to triathlon training whatever your level of skill and experience. A very friendly and inclusive club full people who are awesome to train alongside. Could not recommend Davey Black enough for someone who wants to crush their triathlon and fitness goals and have fun along the way!
  • Anna Clifford
    2 years ago
    An incredible training environment for triathletes of all abilities. The club is warm and inviting, and everyone involved is really sociable and supportive of each person's individual goals. Coach Steve is extremely knowledgeable and works with you to develop a program that suits your lifestyle. The fitness studio is an added bonus - a diverse range of classes are on offer to support overall wellness. Highly recommended!
  • Sam OB
    2 years ago
    First-class coaching and community for all people, from all walks of life with many different goals. Always feel welcomed and sessions tailored on the spot to any specific goals or restrictions be them physical or life-demands. The fittest Ive ever been, doing things I've never done with lots of team support.

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