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  • Timo Remsu
    5 months ago
    Dr Shirley is the best dentist in the area. Facility, equipment and service is 5 star! She is my Family dentist for sure. Thank you.
  • Matt Portelli
    5 months ago
    Dr Shirley is a great dentist, and the clinic as a very friendly and calm atmosphere. I highly recommend this Dental Surgery !!!
  • Mark Byro
    6 months ago
    Fantastic Service. Very caring and understanding. I actually felt relaxed!
  • Nur Ezreen
    7 months ago
    Dr Shirley Lee exudes high professionalism and dedication in her dealings with her patients. She is a very friendly and kind dentist who makes our kids feel very calm and comfortable. Dr Shirley is very patient in dealing with our kids, especially our lil one with special needs. She provides a detailed and clear explanation on our kids' dental needs.
  • Aroob Malik
    7 months ago
    Dr Shirley is so kind and cheerful to kids, my three kids had a very good and enjoyable experience with her. And her little gifts after treatment (tooth brushing timmer and magic wand pen ) made my kids start loving brushing teeth carefully­čśť

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