Orana Timbers

Handmade by Master Craftsmen, Camphor Laurel cutting & serving boards add a dash to elegance to your home. Our chopping boards are strong, durable and also accentuate the natural colours of the food. We provide you with stylish and modern wooden serving boards. Recognised for its quality and versatility, our chopping boards are recognised internationally. Our Camphor boards are strong, durable and have a unique wood pattern.

With a pleasant earthy aroma, our chopping boards act as a stress reliever when compared to plastic or glass cutting boards. Each wooden serving board is made from a single piece of wood and has superior anti-microbial and anti-bacterial property. We not only provide our products throughout Australia but all over the world. We are internationally recognised for providing the best chopping boards. We also provide customised products for the hospitality industry. To connect with us visit or call us on +61 2 9816 3365.

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