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Casalare is an innovative manufacturer of premium Organic and Gluten free pastas, baking mixes and a select variety of specialty flours. Casalare is the leading name in Australia's niche food industry, meeting customers needs for over 20 years.

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  • Louise Spinks
    5 months ago
    This pasta is hands down the best gf pasta I've had from a store, in my life! Sceptical, as my years worth of discovering new gf pasta options have for the most part resulted in disappointment. I wish this was sold in general supermarkets (maybe it is, I've just never seen it). I purchased this one box from a country town called Griffith, in a little boutique (mostly home made goods) store in a back end street with no other retail shops close by. I brought it home and can say 1) it maintains its form, it doesn't break up easily 2) it doesn't go all mushy the way most rice based pastas do 3) it was really cheap, for the high quality 4) it actually feels like real pasta in your mouth and I'd happily feel proud serving this up to non gf friends and family. Highly highly recommend. Will now be looking for Sydney stockists that aren't 8+ hours drive! Than you!

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