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Canberra Property Solution is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of Commercial, Residential, and rental property for sale, located in Australian Capital Territory Canberra. Our team realizes customer needs, budgets, and shows them suitable property in a perfect location for business or family living purposes. Here you can save time, money, and energy. Explore 1000+ or place online bidding now with our auction bidding agent. Let's give us a chance to fulfill your home and business property needs!

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  • George Banks
    3 years ago
    My first buyers agent in Canberra experience was an awesome one! We managed to win at an auction represented by Tom Duffy! Everything was within our price range and we were out walking with a smile from ear to ear. Would recommend Tom as our preferred Canberra buyers agent and will be passing on the recommendation to close friends and family members. Thanks Tom :D
  • Arthur
    5 years ago
    Most easily the best Buyers agent in Canberra! I would gladly refer Tom from Canberra property buyer solutions to all of my associates and friends if they are looking at purchasing/investing on a property in Canberra. Extremely skilled and experienced in auction bidding!