Food Packaging Supplies In Melbourne, Australia

If you are looking for a genuine company for food packaging supplies in Melbourne, BSB Packaging is your ultimate choice. We have a reputation for supplying quality and reliable cleaning supplies, throughout Australia and Melbourne. Whether you need packaging supplies for domestic or commercial purposes, we are here to help you. With quality food packaging equipment, you will surely raise your business to its peak level. 

- Brown paper bag


- Food prep and packing accessories

- Paper coffee cups

- Bathroom & cleaning supplies

- Cellophane bags

- Paper and plastic packaging

- Disposable gloves

We also provide eco-friendly packaging, printing on cups, flat paper and various types of carrying bags. Established in 1987, we have gained proficiency in giving industry advice on food packaging in Australia and provide product sourcing as well. Our expert team has extensive knowledge and experience to answer all your packaging queries. They are specialists in providing you with cost-saving packaging options, ultimately benefitting your company, and in turn ours as well. 

Contact us today or feel free to browse our website to find our wide range of cleaning and packaging products.

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