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Braketech, with more than 23 years of experience in the automotive industry, has been rendering a full range of services to vehicle owners and other surrounding suburbs of Melbourne. We have a team of and certified mechanics who know your vehicle inside and out, and offer a wide array of automotive services for any make and model. With a passion to help the automotive owners of Melbourne, we have extended our responsibilities to offer superlative services for , engine rebuild, brake gearbox, transmission, suspension, auto electrical problems, brake rotors, general car service, RWC, 4WD specialists and mechanical repairs for all makes and models. Moreover, to streamline the repair process, we have invested in the state of the art tools which allow us to diagnose and fix the problem in the shortest time possible. If you still wondering how we can help you with your brake repair and clutch repair needs.

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  • Manimush Manimush
    2 weeks ago
    Brake Tech were able to re build my brakes for my 38 year old ford as many mechanics did not won't to repair, Brake Tech made my brakes like new and good workmanship and good turn around time. Brake Tech evern fix a on going problem with the 4 wheel drive system. Which the other mechanics pulled a blind eye .
  • vincent brophy
    a month ago
    I was told my ute needed tray "engineer papers" for roadworthy which was not true. I ran around for 2 months trying to find engineers who didnt have a clue why i needed them... Ended up going somewhere else. Friendly guys but felt like i was being ripped off and lied to.
  • Joey Dubois
    3 months ago
    Absolutely brilliant service. Chris was so accommodating and helpful, letting me bring in my car late in the afternoon, at very short notice. They had it all sorted within a couple hours and at a very reasonable price. Not knowing a lot about cars, I'm always wary of getting ripped off, but Chris seemed incredibly trustworthy and above board, not only explaining what the issue had been, but also showing me. Thanks so much guys, very much appreciated, you're total lifesavers!
  • Chris Herring
    2 years ago
    5 Stars, I recommend to all. As a Mechanical Engineer I always hate taking my car in for work that is within my skill set. Since I always walk out thinking yeah I could have sourced cheap parts and done that in a couple hours on a lazy Sunday with a beer - which makes me feel ripped off. But after my visit to Braketech today I walk out 100% satisfied! I received professional and friendly service along with an extremely reasonable price. Thanks Chris!
  • Angelo Tsamopoulos
    2 years ago
    Honest, smart and trustworthy. Chris is as legendary a mechanic as he is a person, and Jazz is fantastic. My only regret is not having found this place sooner. Highly recommend.

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