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Boston Commercial services is a specialised debt collection firm that comprises a team of thorough experts and lawyers following legal practices to retrieve debts without any delays. The debt recovery, legal services and financial solutions provided to the clients are simple, easily understandable and are offered at affordable fees. Along with this, we have expertise in the areas of debt recovery, business financial, corporate and commercial transactions and contract law. The customer services are excellent that provide new business with a wide range of financial options prevailing in the market which leads to success and eventually getting the cash flow back on the track.

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  • Cristiana Waismann
    4 months ago
    The experience of working hard to produce something and not getting pay is, to say the least frustrating. I was introduced to Boston group via a friend, who also owns a small business and they exceeded my expectations. Customer service was excellent and their persistence was incredible. They got the job done until the last cent was paid and showed to the "bad intentioned ones" they will not get away! most of debt collectors will only act on your behalf if you have to recover large sums - this guys gave my business the opportunity to fight for what is our right.
  • Rebecca Shenfield
    9 months ago
    I have never had an issue with a client not paying an invoice until recently. I found the situation quite stressful, however the team at Boston Commercial were supportive and were able to talk me through the process and their approach. The team were professional, efficient and reasonably priced. I would recommend the services of Boston Commercial to anyone who finds themselves in the unfortunate situation which I did.
  • Blair Pleash
    10 months ago
    Always a pleasure to do business with. Streamlined efficient service. I highly recommend Boston Commercial Services.
  • Taryn Clarke
    a year ago
    Fantastic, fast and professional service. We're very happy with the service provided and just how quickly Boston were able to get the result we needed.
    a year ago
    Its refreshing to meet a young, professional team. They always deliver and are honest and to the point. I am dealing with them for well over a decade and can STRONGLY recommend them (as I already have done for many of my friends and business contacts). Peter

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