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Beaumonde Homes has gained a well-earned reputation for building high-quality, award-winning luxury homes in Perth. Beaumonde prides itself on reputation for service, versatility, professionalism and expertise. Visit our display homes today.

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  • Veronica Chiew
    a month ago
    We have never built before, so choosing a builder to build our dream home was never easy. So, why did we choose Beaumonde? Maybe we got fascinated by the name, Beaumonde? Yes, we met many different builders along the initial journey, so why did we not decide to give them the opportunity to build for us? The one person who decided it for us is the business consultant, Mark Weldon. Mark is someone with in depth knowledge and patience(!!) and most importantly, believes in relationships. And that relationship has continued on from pre commencement of building to post handover. That said, Beaumonde has a fantastic team, from administration through tradesmen and suppliers. We have got to know so many people and it’s hard to mention everyone, but the following names stands out, from Mark to Paul (supervisor), Rob (tiler) and of course, Troy! To us, quality is a very important aspect of building, and this is where Beaumonde demonstrates the high quality of their building through experienced tradesman, suppliers and products. It would be naïve not to mention that there were no hiccups along the way, from minor changes to plans to unforeseen alterations. The team at Beaumonde always made sure that there is a solution to any changes and accommodated with minimal fuss. Even after post handover, Troy would always be at the forefront in dealing with any arising issue. We started off with hesitation, not knowing what to expect and came out through the journey with new relationships and a beautiful quality home that we are very happy with. Thanks to Troy and the team at Beaumonde
  • Laura Oh
    5 months ago
    We have just moved into our new and wanderful home, built by Beaumonde. We highly recommend Beaumonde to anyone whos is looking for a quality builder. The Beaumonde team, starting from the sales rep at their display home in Eluca, have been brilliant. They dealt with shire issues on our behalf, they're advice on design, functionality and quality was highly valued. Beamonde tradies were clean, polite, and highly skillfull. The office team and foreman were also prompt in responding to phone calls and emails. Overall, we would build again with Beaumonde without thinking twice, Thank you Team Beaumonde πŸ‘πŸ‘
  • Gail Glendenning
    8 months ago
    Our building experience with Beaumonde Homes was fantastic from the first visit to the display centre at Dianella Heights to the completion of our home and the handing over of our keys. We have a beautifully designed, well-constructed home that reflects exactly what we envisioned. The team at Beaumonde Homes, from our designer Steve, Andrew our main point of contact to Paul our supervisor and all the trades in between were not only brilliant at their jobs, but easy to work with and very helpful along the journey. Their combined efforts made our building experience seamless and enjoyable and we very much appreciate all the effort that went in to making our home perfect. We highly recommend Beaumonde Homes and know we have the best house on the street! Gail and Peter Glendenning
  • Bren Tan
    10 months ago
    Very pleased with the team at Beaumonde homes. Everything was done properly, no shortcuts were taken and Troy, Andrew and Paul were a pleasure and easy to work with. Any issues were rectified quickly and without fuss. Would recommend Beaumonde to others. The final build is of exceptional quality and a testament to the hard work Troy and his family have put in to make the company what it is today.
  • Dan Holman
    a year ago
    In further response to the below (Beaumonde have removed their previous couple of responses, I have left all of mine for transparency); Beaumonde never attempted to rectify, and to correct the facts; Beaumonde had no discussion with me to make any such arrangement, I actually had to drive Beaumonde to act. Below is the sequence of events: - Building Commission issued order 17/05/18, for Beaumonde to rectify within 28 days. - I emailed your Building Manager same day to ask when to expect your attendance. - 6 days later with no attendance, I sent a follow up email as Beaumonde only had three weeks left to rectify. - Building Manager and Contractor attended 2 days later, when I asked what would happen, he emailed to say a ground scan needs to be done to see who is at fault, Beaumonde or the Contractor, we then heard nothing further. - On day 29 when I emailed the Building Commission to advise the order had not been complied with, nor any further communication received, Beaumonde then replied after receiving the Building Commission notifcation of the expiry period was reached, Beaumonde then said that due to rain the work couldn't be done and had to be scheduled for the 26/06/18. Interesting; the ground scan which is for an area under cover and therefore rain has no impact, nor was it discussed or scheduled with us by Beaumonde or any other contractor. There was also no request for an extension made to us or the Building Commission due to rain or any other potential hold ups, which the order clearly states is an available option if requested (but not after the 28 day rectification period). Your claim of good intentions is an absolute joke and insulting. I guess setting up a blog for people to see the documented evidence of your lack of care, interest and the findings is then next stage if your going to keep writing dishonest responses. We had to go to the Building Commission, as Beaumonde's response to our concerns (when we did this in person, in response to your final sentence below), was that you had constructed to Australian standards and you wouldn't be doing anything further. Pity your Engineer's report was using the wrong Australian standard, and I was almost embarrassed for you that the BC had to point that out to you. _____________ In response to Beaumonde's reply to this Google Review; Thank you for your response, but Senior Management were already aware (this matter has been going on for 12 months) and they failed to remedy the faulty and poor workmanship, as per the building commission order, so there's now no need to send anyone. The Building Commission has given us the option to have someone else do the work given Beaumonde failed to act. If you want to save yourself the heartache, do not build with Beaumonde. Firstly after numerous lengthy issues with the construction, the Construction Manager pushed us to accept PC (practical completion items) and hand over the final payment with 56 defects outstanding. These included showers not sealed (making them unusable), no covers on GPO's or light switches, silicone staining on concrete bench top, bathroom basins that wouldn't drain, different colored grout for bathroom tiling (which then discolored), and the gutter down pipes were blocked so the gutters didn't wouldn't drain (and it was winter), just to name a few. After refusing to accept PC, the remaining 20 PC items then took Beaumonde 6 months to complete. At the same time we then had significant cracking all through our patio's honed concrete and pool edging, which then led to water from the pool draining underneath the patio and chunks of concrete falling off the edges. Beaumonde refused to rectify, so we lodged a complaint with the Building Commission, who found Beaumonde's work to be "faulty and unsatisfactory'. Beaumonde were instructed to rectify the work within 28 days, and as at yesterday afternoon when the 28 day rectification period had ended, yep you guessed it, they have done absolutely nothing.

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