The Best Auto Gas Connection Services in Carrum Downs

Contrary to the usual petrol or diesel-run cars, switching over to gas can prove to be an economical change besides reducing carbon emission.LPG is proven to cause lesser wear and tear to car engines as opposed to liquid fuels.

At Auto Gas Connection P/L, we make this switch over an easy and hassle-free process. We provide a provision for the user to switch between LPG and liquid fuels in our connection system. This can prove to be helpful in case of exhausting LPG or vice-versa. Conversion services are inclusive of all servicing and mechanical repair works as well. We supply all necessary spare parts associated with auto gas connections, which guarantee global quality standards. There are also self-conversion kits available at our centers for customers who prefer doing the conversion process on their own. Besides these, we also cater to LPG tank testing and cleaning.

Prior to installation, we also offer our customers a provision to visit our station and get a briefing and demonstration of the entire Auto Gas Connection process. There is also an option to test-drive an LPG fitted vehicle before you avail of our services. Incorporating the best of technology with skilled technicians, we ensure that our customers receive only the best in the industry. Alongside ensuring quality, we make sure our plans and services are affordable which has made us the best Auto Gas Connection Services in Carrum Downs.

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  • Ike Pytellek
    9 months ago
    Great service and good bunch of blokes. Have made repairs original dealers couldn't find/repair with their sofisticated electronic engine diagnostics etc. Ike
  • Martin Johnston
    a year ago
    Great job well worth the money Doug was great
  • Scott Lawrence
    a year ago
    I have had 3 cars serviced here and LPG installed on my FG Falcon, 160,000kms and no-one but these guys have worked on the car. Always advised of what needs to be done and they have always followed through with great professional workmanship. I wouldnt go anywhere else. Keep up the great work guys.
  • Cosmo
    2 years ago
    They service all my company cars and we have never had an issue, they keep you informed throughout the entire process so there are no surprises at the end. Great to deal with .
  • Shahnaz Syeda
    2 years ago
    Hi Guys, I am person who thoroughly reviews and take a closer look on small details before I buy or hire anybody for my job to get done. I called Autogas Connection, Carrum Downs for my Ford Territory as it was my wife's car due to it's gas problem and no matter what I wanted a Professional to fix it. When I called he said, he's got 38 years of working experience to which I was 200 percent satisfied and was sure he would definitely knew more answers than my problems. But guys, he made me replace all spark plug, and recommended replacement of other parts which are responsible for gas problem and got the bill to $700 plus. I have been broken into recently and I was assuming it won't be more than $400 to fix the problem. But anyhow, he said that's the bill to which I paid hoping that I won't go to him except for service. But Guys, the problem was still there. My car stopped on the way and was jerking and struggling to get the gas in and I had to manually switch on to petrol and after driving 2-3 kms then manually switch back if I REMEMBER, AS MOSTLY I FORGET AND END UP USING MY MOST PETROL in my tank, and had to refill, this cycle is costing me more when dual fuel car is suppose to save fuel cost. I called him twice to fix the problem, and he diagnosed it and said his computer is of early model and is getting hard to detect the problem. I had to take day off and go to him in working days and he only works mon-Fri and I am free only on weekends. So, It was a total waste of money and time with Auto Gas Connection. Regret going to them. Thank you,

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