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  • Sapphire Beauty
    11 months ago
    I am an extremely happy long term client of Trevor from The Aesthetic Bureau. Having invested in the Dual Light IPL & Xen LED, these devices work all day long in my clinic delivering astounding results to my clients. I have chosen to invest with this company because of their non salesly approach, brilliant after sale support and detailed training. We can perform treatments with confidence. Knowing that Trevor and his team are just a phone call away brings peace of mind, being in Perth it can be difficult to receive support (based on experience from other companies), however I have always received same day support with email or phone calls from Trevor. Rather than being greedy and treating you like a number, Trevor genuinely cares for your clinic and leads with honesty and integrity, he is a true professional with inspiring passion for our industry.
  • Lisa Price
    11 months ago
    Our Cairns clinic has had several professional experiences with the Aesthetic Bureau and can confidently recommend their honesty, integrity and expertise with all light based devices. Trevor Neale is our go- to for any advice we need and we value his opinion. We have purchased 2 XEN LED devices and consider them to be an integral part of our skin clinic.
  • Joey Rose
    12 months ago
    I’m from PERTH and this company is based in Melbourne. If your business isn’t based in Melbourne I highly recommend you DO NOT buy from this company! I bought a lemon and after sales service was appalling. They refused to service my machine unless I paid for their flights and accommodation. Given Aesthetic Bureau or “Australian Aesthetic Devices” as it was known to me then was a small business and their machines unheard of, it was nearly impossible to find someone else in Perth willing to service my machine.
  • Jett melba
    3 years ago
    All equipment of my beauty salon in Melbourne is sourced from Australian Aesthetic Devices. These include the latest and advanced state of the art skin rejuvenation and permanent hair removal devices. What is important is that there is a wide choice of equipment on offer. Recently I added a new IPL permanent hair removal machine and since I was not sure of the increase in clients, opted for a small desktop version instead of the standard floor type. This is an advantage as there will be no under utilization of equipment. Great after sales service too. Strongly recommended!
  • Mason McGarry
    3 years ago
    I have skin rejuvenation and beauty clinic in Melbourne and one of the reasons that I am able to offer top of the line services to my clients is because of the advanced equipment I buy from Australian Aesthetic Devices. Their machines are fast and this helps me to cater to more number of clients. Most importantly, I am very impressed with their after sales service. When I recently bought IPL permanent hair removal equipment, their technicians guided me till I had mastered its functions. Thanks guys for the support. Strongly recommended.

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