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If you are looking for cheap phones for sale in Melbourne or want any mobile phone repair service, Aussie Mobile Solutions is the right choice for you. Having our main phone shop in Deer Park, we sell quality phones only after they are tested and evaluated.

We are mainly recognised for selling cheap iPhone in Melbourne. Any model you want, you can get reliable phones by browsing the cheap iPhone online on our user-friendly website. You will get to know all the details like specifications, colour options, and discount offers as well.

Besides the iPhone, we also have other brands of phones like Samsung, Oppo, etc. Any variant you want, you can get with us at very attractive prices in Deer Park, Melbourne.

Apart from selling, we also provide phone repair services in Melbourne like:

- iPhone repair

- iPhone screen repair

- iPhone battery replacement

- Samsung screen repair

- Samsung phone repair

Also, you can buy a refurbished iPhone and Samsung with us as we also keep a stock of them in our shop. Whether you visit our in-store or online shop, we guarantee that you will get the best refurbished iPhone in Deer Park.

Check Out Our Range Mobile Phone Accessories:

- iPhone charger

- Samsung charger

- iPhone covers

- Sim Cards

Next time when you are looking to buy cheap or refurbished Samsung and iPhone mobiles in Deer Park and Melbourne, give us a try. We are sure you will find our phones and their prices appealing.

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Google Reviews

  • Nguyen Hoang
    a week ago
    This store has a dedicated, thoughtful and enthusiastic customer service. Reasonable prices and welcoming staff. This store can be a great option for everyone to maintain and repair your electronics
  • John P
    a month ago
    Fixed my Note 8 both back and front glass panels. Had an issue but they fixed it without much hassle. They did an excellent job and their customer service skills are second to none. Their pricing is cheap but they do not compromise on the end product. Would go there again, very highly recommended.
  • Gyrah Abatayo
    2 months ago
    Mr T is so professional and takes pride in his work. I always go to him with my phone issues and each time, he would fix them with guaranteed warranty. I’ve even encountered problems with my iphone that Apple couldn’t resolve (such as looping Apple screen issue), but Mr T did. I recommend him 100% to all my friends and family, and would continue to go to him for future phone problems 😊
  • XxkinggoatXx
    3 months ago
    This shop is very good the service is very good the workers are nice. You should really come to this shop it’s very good
  • Huyen Ngoc Nguyen
    3 months ago
    My phone didnt want to read simcard after a little bit salt water damaged, AMS offered to fix in 3 days but i couldnt wait as my assignment and exam come and i really need a phone, they offered me my phone trade in for part and sold me an ex-demo S9 plus , the price was so great, cheaper than brandnew one and if they had not told me it is ex-demo i would have thought it is brandnew! Comes with 12 months warranty too! They saved my life and exam! What a awesome solution !