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  • Milan Romic
    a month ago
    Such good service and they seem like honest and really good guys. Excellent service
  • Jimmy Harmsworth
    3 months ago
    Great to deal with, no BS.
  • Honi L
    4 months ago
    Great service!!! Everything was explained to me and also was given the options and honest professional opinions. Thank you!
  • Fletcher Curnow
    11 months ago
    Had the best experience this morning! My bonnet was stuck closed and a light needed to be fixed. They were so accommodating, they did it on the spot and only charged me $20. Will be taking my car back for a service next week. Highly recommend!
  • Edward Francome
    a year ago
    What a fantastic breath of fresh air!! (Mechanically speaking). As a professional engineer (born and bred in the wonderful West), to be met with courteous and above and beyond specialist diagnosis of a complex issue dealership failed to correct, Luke was all over it. Thanks Luke and your great team! All 5 of our families European cars will be getting for cared by you guys from now on.

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