Advertisement Policy


This document, herein referred to as the "Document", details the fair use policies for accessing and using and its associated applications and systems, herein referred to as "Getmybiz".

Before proceeding with accessing or using Getmybiz, you are signifying your agreement to the terms and conditions outlined in this document, as well as the full Terms and Conditions of Getmybiz.

If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not access or use the Getmybiz website.


Advertise | Top

On the Getmybiz homepage, category page and where there are vacant placements available for promotional content, advertisers are invited to reserve the placement to display and promote their business information for a fee.

Where there are more than one customer requesting a reservation, a first-come-first-serve priority applies.

An advertisement placement is available immediately if there are currently no advertisement running for that particular placement.

Otherwise, the placement is available for bid after the current advertisement contract expires and when:

  • the bidder is not the current advertiser or
  • during the last 7 calendar days of the advertisement contract, the current advertiser is the only bidder for the placement

Duration | Top

The duration of an advertisement can be 30 or 60 calendar days.

Fees | Top

The cost of listing an advertisement is currently $10 for a period of 30 calendar days or $18 for a period of 60 calendar days.

Cancellation | Top

Once an advertisement space is allocated for a business listing and the listing is published online, the opportunity to promote the business is considered to have spend. Therefore cancellation after payment is only possible if the advertiser requests a refund at least 3 business days prior to the publication of their listing.

Duty of Disclosure | Top

The advertised listing will be marked with distinct appearance that is different to the standard listings and labelled with the words "Sponsored Ad". This is to fulfill the duty of disclosure with the audience by communicating clearly that Getmybiz has received commercial payment for this advertisement.

Renewal | Top

Once an advertisement has been approved and published online, priority for the next advertisement will be given to customers other than the advertiser. This is to ensure that other customers will have an opportunity to advertise their business listings on the Getmybiz website.

Where there are no new customers requesting for advertisement and the contract is 7 calendar days from becoming expired, the priority for renewal is returned to the currently paying advertiser.

Negotiable | Top

Getmybiz reserves the right to negotiate with prospective advertisers and amend some or all of the terms and conditions outlined in this document.

Modifications to this Document | Top

Getmybiz reserves the right to update this Document from time to time, as per the full Terms and Conditions of Getmybiz.

This document is effective as of 23rd January 2019.